Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watch Your Wallet

I don't get it. Why are politicians so dim that they can't see the forest for the trees? The new "Healthcare Reform Bill," almost 2000 pages was introduced by Pelosi today and she wants a vote by this time next week. HOW ABOUT READING THE DAMN THING! Why is the current administration hell bent to rush through something that so obviously to some is bound to fail. You cannot continue to tax the rich to pay for the poor, or the rich will eventually leave as they are in New the droves. When they go, they take their innovative and prosperous businesses with them, thus increasing unemployment and marking failure of this bill which should in reality be called a TAX bill since it just heaps more onto some already broken medical programs that are government run.

Government intervention in anything doesn't work!!! Think about where you experience long lines, sour people, and extreme waits: DMV, post office, social services...

As reported on Fox new business this morning, each car sold under the Cash for Clunkers program cost tax payers over twenty-thousand dollars. Most who bought were not in need of a new automobile, but drive by the incentive program and would have purchased one in the near future anyhow. Those who drive the real "clunkers" are living on unemployment, facing foreclosuree and couldn't afford to create a car payment. So who did this really help?

Ask the dealers who are still waiting for their payments if they think it was a good program? Obama keeps bragging about jobs created, but he refuses to acknowledge and more and more are lost daily. Even with my increasing health benefit, I would much rather continue to pay and KEEP the government out of my business.

I'm sick and tired of those with a "gimme, gimme" attitude. People see "FREE" and think there is no long-term cost involved. TAXES'll pay in the long run, or so well-known and experienced economists predict. I believe them over dimwits in Washington who know nothing about finances who continue to overburden and future generations with little or no regard. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know Timothy Geithner has a degree...well, he couldn't even "remember" to pay his own taxes, so what does that tell you? T

Reform is a good thing, but take time and FIX the problem...don't just scotch tape it together and sell it as new and improved.

By the way, it you watched Sixty-Minutes on Sunday night, you must have been just as amazed as me at the man who so easily bilked Medicare out of over twenty million dollars and told people exactly how he did it. He was never questioned, but just paid for his fradulent claims. The government would never have known had the people involved in the scam noticed the erroneous charges on their Explanation of Benefits.

I know I may have mentioned this before, but my sister worked for a Hospice in Southern California as the Quality Control Person. When she discovered that home visits to dying people were not being made as reported, medications not given but charges submitted, she mailed, at her own expense, copies of documentation as proof, to at least a half dozen programs involved with Medicare. NOT one responded, and when she pressed, she was told unless the claim amounted to millions, they weren't interested. Is this how you want you tax dollars spent? Think about it, and speak up or forever slap yourself for being uninformed and stupidly believing the BS that's been fed to you by the current administration. Vote the bums out!!!

Oh more burr in my side. In this day and age when people are facing the end of their unemployment benefits, still haven't found a job, can't afford to relocate and hope one is can the President, in clear conscience, still fire up AF One and fly to New Jersey and Virginia to campaign for the Democratic governmors there? How much does that cost the tax payers? And how about equal representation??? What does his negating the importance of the other candidates because of their "party affiliation" contribute to equality? Further proof we need to obliterate party lines and be ONE!!!!!


Sue McK said...

Even if we blur party lines, we'll never be 'one,' I suspect. I'll never be in the same camp as someone who denigrates this great nation, promotes killing innocent people, or bows to a Saudi King. I suspect it will no longer be 'Democrat' and 'Republican', but will become liberal and conservative, according to beliefs. I could live with that, personally. Then the RINOs would become liberals and we'd get them out of our camp, pretending to be 'our' leaders when they have no conservative values.

Ginger Simpson said...

I would rather have "honestly" with people declaring themselves liberal or conservative, over the peer pressure exerted by parties on those people who dare to try to hold their ground. I've said it before...put a logo on a dog turd and people in that party will elect it based on that alone. What happened to qualifications, experience, and some exhibtion of knowledge? The general public has no knowledge regarding the background of all the many czars who have a part in telling us what is right and wrong? Someone that just doesn't bode well for a united future. It seems once we elect officials, they just keep getting re-elected despite bad performance or lack of. Aren't we the people supposedly represented here? I don't feel very represented.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!