Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is Your Head Spinning Yet?

Since I babysat all week, I missed watching the news and posting here. I was totally immersed in old episodes of Star Wars with my grandson, who sees them a new and exciting. I must say, I don't recall Harrison Ford looking so sexy! OMG...but then I digress.

I returned to the computer and read all the posts, went to Facebook and perused the notices people left, and I had to stop and wonder...doesn't anyone care or realize the issues of real importance?

Sure...I want to sell my books as much as anyone, but I'm having a hard time begging someone to spend $5.95 for a download when Seniors aren't getting a COLA for the first time in ages because according to whoever decides these things...the cost of living didn't rise. ON WHAT PLANET???? Hell, the cost of gasoline here went up sixteen cents in two days this week, and Walmart prices have risen so much I don't shop there anymore.

The President has decided, after the uproar, to give each senior citizen $250.00. That averages out to $1.46 a day, and that won't even buy a gallon of gasoline. I guess we should be thankful, but then someone on Fox pointed out that we already have a national debt in the trillions and the President just keeps coming up with new ways to spend money we don't have.

Hey...remember the millions NObama gave to the Palestinians to repair damage done by Israel in their retaliation against the constant lobbing of bombs into their backyard? That would come in pretty handy right now. I believe in charity, but doesn't it start at home? That's what the saying is, I think.

I saw a perfect sign on the internet. "Stop apologizing FOR America and apologize TO America." Right now the Prez and his VP are stomping around the "blue" states and trying to rebuild their lost popularity. Imagine how much it costs to fire up Air Force One for all his jaunts around the world. If he just stayed HOME and and saved on that expense, he could save taxpayers a ton...maybe even discuss the importance of reading bills before they're signed. I can't believe that's even an issue, but it is. Hey...the Dems are FOR it...sign...Nah, the GOP likes it, let's trash it. Get rid of party lines America. Let's all work together instead of against each other.

As for health reform...why doesn't the government pay attention to the polls. Health reform places last on the concern meter. Unemployment is the real emergency. I may be stupid...and probably am, but I really can't understand why there is an urgency to shove this plan down America's throat in such a hurry. Why not fix Medicare, Medicaid and the Veteran's Administration...find the corrupt people taking advantage and enhance oversight. Add another program to help those who don't have insurance, but stop trying to control the doctors and medicine. AND why, I ask, would the bill mandate that everyone who doesn't have insurance PURCHASE it or be fined. If they had the money, don't you think they would already have done that? argue, some people sit back and want something for nothing. Well, there's a good example of punishing the masses for the sins of a few. Oversight!!!! Learn the word Congress and appoint people to follow up on the programs now in place. FIX THEM and leave the rest of us alone.

Okay...I'm on a rant. I want to be able to promote my books and not have this blog, but I fear things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better...if they do. Too many people still have their heads in the sand and avoid the unpleasant topic of politics. Well it or not, your world revolves around politics, and right now the current administration is spinning out of control.


Lillie Ammann said...


Glenn Beck had a bunch of doctors on his show one day this week. One of the docs explained the government take-over of health care very accurately: It has nothing with health care reform or with health insurance reform. It's all about a government takeover of the medical industry and ultimately of the people through their doctors.

Sue McK said...

Absolutely well as Lillie. What I don't understand are the people who think John Stewart is the only news available, and that's gospel. They have NO idea what's going on in Washington, and I'd bet my bottom dollar that if they did, we'd have a revolution.

I'd love it if someone ran on the 'noparty' ticket. I'd bet they'd get their message out better and could actually win. Yes, they'd be branded conservative or liberal, but doesn't everyone have beliefs in both camps at times?

Ginger Simpson said...

Lillie, I saw that show, too. I totally agree that this isn't about health care as much as it is about control. Why else would there be such a rush to "reform" without really doing an thorough study and discovering where medicare, medicaid and the VA went so wrong?

Ginger Simpson said...

You stated the obvious problem. Why do we HAVE to be TWO camps? In a civilization where people are supposed to progress with the times, why haven't more people recognized that the two party system is the problem and not the solution? We should be united as ONE, not divided into two warring groups who vote on issues based on thumbing their noses at one another. The good of the people has been lost by in the defiance and lack of reasoning.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!