Sunday, November 1, 2009

When The Prez Travels

Happy November!

I touched on a subject yesterday that is a sore spot for me, and I wanted to expand on it today since I have since garnered more information.

My bitch is the President spending tax payer bucks to campaign for his own party candidates in looming elections. Obama isn't the only one to do this, although he's firing up Air Force One again today to return to New Jersey to campaign for the trailing DEM there. Obama is the President of the United States, not President of the Democratic Party. He is charged to represent ALL of us, and I am insulted to have tax dollars collected from those from all political walks of life used for his traveling whims.

Did you know that his visits not only require the use of AF One, three other support jets (Gulfstream V) must be sent out to surrounding airports to allow him an "avenue of escape" should it become necessary. These jets carry a crew of at least twenty-five secret service personnel.

His limousines and additional secret service vehicles (only two that are bulletproof) must be sent via a C-5 Galaxy aircraft from Dover, Pope or Charleston AFBs including another extensive crew. I would assume his comfortable accommodations are also levied against the wallet of the taxpayers.

Am I wrong to believe the President should stay out of these races and allow the public to vote their conscience and the qualifications of the candidates and not be swayed by his position? Even if he paid the expenses himself, which I'm sure he can't afford on his salary, I think it's very wrong for him to use his political position in this manner. I'm just saying...


Sue McK said...

Presidents all do it, and I look at it this way...every minute he's not in DC is a good day for the world.

I don't like him spending money, either, like that. I consider it a waste, but he's fighting for his liberal life in DC, too...or so he thinks. Let's hope it doesn't work but actually hurts those trying to get elected. The 'Obama kiss of death' would be hilarious!

The Cookie Blog said...

Here is the way I see it. Obama and his White House (just a few of the 100's )(D.Alexrod, V. Jarrett, A. Dunn, R.Emanuel, R. Gibb) are good at nothing, except spending tax payers money. They are good at that. I wonder if BO gets frequent flier miles from the Air Force?

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!