Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow is Our Chance...

Don't blow it.  If you ever needed to vote, tomorrow is the day.  We need to clean house and get rid of those who have put us into financial ruin by padding their own pockets and representing special interest groups over voters.

I received this message from Americans for Prosperity, and I share it here.  Do we need a president who bows to Muslim Kings?  Do we need to be lumped with terrorists when we gather for peaceful tea parties to express our feelings?  I guess even if you have a different viewpoint, you're assumed an enemy.  So become an ENEMY tomorrow, and let's get rid of the waste.  Hey...we can't do worse than we already have...can we?

Dear Ginger,
Can you believe that President Obama is actually using the word "enemies" to describe political opponents just before an election?

Our brave troops are fighting real "enemies" in Afghanastan and Iraq.  Terriorist "enemies" are constantly attempting to kill Americans on our home soil.

Yet, the President chooses to use the word "enemies" to describe fellow Americans opposing his agenda.

Does this outrage you?  It certianly infuriates me.

I still remember Speaker Pelosi calling us "un-American" in the USA Today for opposing the health care bill by holding tea parties, bus tours and turning out for town hall meetings to put pressure on members of Congress.

Harry Reid actually called us "evil-mongers" for daring to take on his liberal agenda.

You and I can do something about this.  We can re-double our efforts today and tomorrow to educate our fellow Americans on the disastrous big-government votes of these liberal members of Congress.

In fact, today I'm asking you to make at least 10 calls to key households in priority districts by clicking

And, tonight after 9pm eastern standard time, I'm giving you a huge opportunity to call into Nevada and California.

Using our database and your home or cell phone (with your home phone there is no long distance charge to you) You can call households in Nevada to let them know what Harry Reid has done and in California to let them know how Senator Barbara Boxer has voted on important issues.

Remember, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to take our nation in a different direction.  Do not let it slip away. Make these calls today and tonight by clicking

This morning, Dianna Sharp from Granada Hills, California posted on my FAcebook page that she's making AFP Freedom Phone calls and then she wrote "I'm 64 years old and work 40 plus hours a week but I'm gladly giving up my 'free' time."

That's the kind of commitment it takes to change our great nation for the better!

Keep the faith.  Our policies are winning with the American people.
Tim Phillip's Signature
WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!