Friday, February 26, 2010

Long Absence

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. I've been having some health issues, and dwelling on the depressing state of the union didn't seem like a good idea. I've ignored my blog, but I'm still very much aware of the attempt to mandate our health care. People argue that those of us who fear it are paranoid, but just ask yourself...if Medicare, a government run business, along with Social Security, another government institution, are on the brink of of financial ruin, what makes you think they can smoothly operate health care for the entire nation? Everything they touch turns sour.

Our unemployment rate remains staggering, but has Obama demanded that our U.S. financial institutions return all the outsourced jobs to Americans? No! True, he did mandate new rules governing credit card companies, but during the time he discussed his plans and actually initiated it, all the companies raised everyone's rates to staggering proportions. Now we face new fees to balance the amount of money the credit card companies say they will lose. Some of my interest rates on current accounts with a good payment record went from 14.9% to 29.9%. How fair is that?

Our administration is filled with tax cheats and liars, so why would you believe a thing they have to say? Just asking. And...I'm sharing this because this just might become a reality, and it's very frightening to think the diagnostic tests we've come to rely on for prevention may be denied us. I guess it's more important to explore Space than to cure Cancer. But...if the death rate continues to climb, whose gonna be alive to enjoy space?

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!