Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dizzing Progression

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I find great consolation in finding supportive comments on my blog, and I thank those few who follow and continue to read what I have to day.

Like Elizabeth who commented yesterday, I feel the gray blanket of doom descending on us. How much more can we take? The jobless rate keeps climbing, and although bailout money was supposed to create jobs, unless you are a highway worker or heavy equipment operator, there still isn't anything out there for the common folk. Have you noticed, like I have, that those pimply-faced kids working in Taco Bell and Burger King have been replaced with much older folk?

Watching the news has become unbearable. The ridiculousness I see reported makes me scratch my head and wonder how so many can still support the fruitless endeavors of a president who honestly doesn't have a clue. Men and women are dying in Afghanistan, and he doesn't have a plan despite his hand-picked General issuing an urgent request for more troops. Have we abandoned those there? I'd rather see the money spent on that space shuttle yesterday put into bunker bombs and sent to Afghanistan to blow up all those mountain ranges where the Taliban hides. UPS can track a package across the nation, know where it is at a moment's notice, but our entire military compilation and CIA can't find Bin Laden. Strange!

Clearly the bailout didn't work. I agree with my sister. If that money had been split and sent to each household across the US, we would already have witnessed an improvement. People would have been able to make their house payments buy cars, pay bills, shop, eat out, invest...but I guess that made too much sense.

What makes me angriest is that instead of concentrating efforts on the needs of his constituency, he traipses all over the country, to places like Virginia where he urgently needed to campaign for the democratic candidate who is losing there. These non-essential trips he makes cost us money to fire up that jet and enlist his secret service corp. And, I think we needed money more than the Palestinians and Pakistanis. Don't you? Oh, I could rant all day, but it just makes my blood pressure rise.

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Sue McK said...

I have faith in the American people. The elections to take place in November will certainly send a message to the left...the people are mad and they're not going to take it any more. I hope the conservatives with morals take every race with a landslide. They're trying to rush healthcare through before those elections...because the blue dogs will see the writing on the wall that their constituents aren't happy.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!