Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Confused

Clearly there are those who support President Obama and those who don't, but as days go by, I'm wondering what positives people continue to see in this man who asks American's to cut back, sacrifice and be patient, yet uses our tax dollars to fly his wife on a date night after providing continuous secret service to her so she can appear on the covers of all the magazines she has so recently graced. His daughters go to private school, yet he's eliminated vouchers that offer the same privilege to others. Where is he actually cutting back on his own expenditures and luxuries? Yes, I know the man is President, but when you ask others, you have to lead by example...or you should.

The whole GM fiasco doesn't make sense to me. First we're bailing out banks and now auto companies. We've satisfied the executives and the union, but what about all the car lots that are going under...ordered to close within a week. Doesn't that just add thousands and thousands more to the roles of the unemployed? (Mechanics, sales, accountants, parts people).

I have someone living in my home who has been searching for a job since October--sending out at least five resumes a day and has garnered three interviews in which the people didn't even bother to re-contact with a decision. Her unemployment is almost exhausted, so now where does she turn. Welfare? This is the way the system works. It's sort of like expecting a young person to automatically turn into an adult at eighteen and be responsible. It doesn't always happen. When there are no jobs to be had, it doesn't matter how long you can collect. Add to the growing lines, all those who just came out of college, ready to work, and imagine the competition. It's downright scary. How about those returning from war and expecting to find employment? Far too few employers held their jobs while they served our country. Great appreciation, eh?

Even foreign newspapers are filled with articles about our new president. There is no fear of him, thus we are a target. We are training Jihadists in our own back yard, and our Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice has targeted the only Sheriff in the country who actually has made a difference. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being targeted for enforcing illegal immigrant entry into our country. What next? Here's the article from The Associated Press:

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 06.03.2009

PHOENIX — Lawyers for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio have asked for a probe of federal officials who are investigating the sheriff's office for alleged discrimination and unconstitutional searches.
Arpaio lawyer Robert Driscoll said in a letter that Department of Justice investigators conducting the civil-rights probe improperly shared documents with the Department of Homeland Security, which is auditing Arpaio's use of federal immigration powers.
"They are not playing fair," Arpaio said Tuesday. "There is a political motive behind all of this — and ethical violations. Right now, I'm fighting back."
Arpaio, who among Arizona's local police bosses has taken the most aggressive approach to cracking down on illegal immigration, said both examinations are focused on his immigration-enforcement efforts.
His efforts include arresting more than 1,000 illegal immigrants under a state smuggling law and setting up a hot line to report immigration violations. Arpaio also has led crime and immigration sweeps in some heavily Latino areas in metropolitan Phoenix.
Critics say that deputies racially profiled people during the immigration sweeps and that Arpaio abused the powers the federal government gave dozens of his deputies to make immigration arrests. Arpaio said people pulled over in the sweeps were approached because deputies had probable cause to believe they had committed crimes.
Department of Justice spokesman Alejandro Miyar said the agency will review the letter but declined to comment on Arpaio's investigation request. "Career professionals in the civil-rights division began looking into this last year, and the department made the decision to open this investigation in the same manner we make every such decision, based on the facts and the law," Miyar said.
Homeland Security spokesman Matt Chandler declined to comment on Arpaio's accusation that both agencies were improperly sharing documents.
Despite Arpaio's earlier vow to open his books to Department of Justice investigators, his lawyer said he won't hand over more documents until the document-sharing dispute is resolved.
"You open your door when it's done legally and ethically," Arpaio said. "You don't open your door when they play games behind the scenes. We were trying to be cooperative."
Chandler said the Homeland Security's examination of Arpaio's immigration-power deal with the federal government is part of a larger review of the agency's immigration and border security policies. All such deals also are being reviewed, Chandler said.

Now our President is headed back overseas to address the Arab Nation. I wonder what blunders he'll make this time.

Anyone have anything positive to share. PLEASE DO!

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