Friday, June 19, 2009

How Do You Feel

Ralph Peters had this to say in the New York Post:

Look where Obama has gone and who he supports: the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, his groveling speech in Egypt, his embrace of Hamas, his hands-off approach to the gory regime in Sudan -- and now his dismay at the protests in Iran.

Does the President's silence about the outrage over the Iranian election send a message of complacency to the rest of the world? He's already been accused of interfering, so why doesn't he speak up in support of the citizens there who are fighting so desperately for a democratic government. Could it be because he's fighting so hard here to steal our democracy away?

He didn't seem to have any problem interfering in Israel's business, and coughed up a shit-load of money to help the Palestinian people rebuild Gaza when our economy is in the dumper, so what's his motivation for silence now...especially after he's made such an effort to placate the Muslims of the world...or could that be it?

I'd sure like to know what others feel. On one hand, I tell myself it isn't our business, and we've already had our nose in the dealings of too many other governments, but on the other, I've always felt that people who didn't like their government should stand up and insist on change. That's what happening in Iran right now, so shouldn't we show some support. Actually, it's what should be happening here! When are we going to stand up and say we don't like the direction our government is going? Tea Party anyone? I hear there are more scheduled for July 4th.

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