Thursday, June 25, 2009


Why do celebrities seem to die in threes? When Ed McMahon passed earlier in the week, I wondered who would be next. I also imagined how nervous celebs get when they hear a death announcement of one of their own. Although I didn't feel unusual sadness at Ed's passing, I simply recalled "Heerrreee's Johnny," and commented to my sis that Carson's sidekick had gone to join him on the big couch in the sky.

I was even more touched when Farrah's death was announced. I guess because her suffering was shared recently on a TV documentary, and the horrors of rectal cancer became real and even more scary. True, she wasn't the best actress in the world, but she did sport a trendy hairstyle that millions of women across the world tried to copy. I think what hit me hardest...we are one year apart in age. That really puts the focus on mortality.

I took a nap for a little while and awoke to news that Michael Jackson had passed. Number three, making the fable about death complete. Only fifty, and dead from a heart attack. That's very sad, but how many other people passed today and no one but the family mourned them? He made great contributions to the music world, but he also set a bad example with his weird behaviors. The man had body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), defined in Wikipedia as a psychiatric disorder in which the affected person is excessively concerned about and preoccupied by an imagined or minor defect in their physical features. Perhaps he can find peace now.

On a more serious note, it concerns me that we elevate some 'celebrities' to such a high status. All of a sudden, Michael Jackson's death has overshadowed the death of the two previous stars, taken over the television news stations, and throngs are pouring out onto the streets in Los Angeles to mourn his death.

I'm not saying it's not a time to mourn, but wondering why this same show of concern isn't put into play as our country as we've known it is dying. Physically, financially, and spiritually, we're in the terminal stages, and the passing of Michael Jackson, an emotionally disturbed and suspected pedophile has garnered more attention than the threat of N. Korean missiles, the killings in Iran because people want to westernize their government, and the continued ridiculous spending on the part of President Obama as he tries to create a government-run healthcare that's doomed to fail for lack of planning.

I think we need to examine our priorities. Will this many people attend an upcoming tea party? I doubt it. Last time we were accused of terrorist-like behavior. And we wonder why the President doesn't support those in Iran speaking out for change. Hey...wasn't that his platform for the presidency?

May the three who passed this week find peace in their final resting places. I meant no disrespect to their memories, I just needed to ask why one celebrity warrants so much more than the others, and why we aren't this concerned about our own futures.

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