Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I got an Invitation from Barak!

Dear Friend,

Last week, I announced United We Serve – a nationwide call to service challenging you and all Americans to volunteer this summer and be part of building a new foundation for America.

And when I say “all,” I mean everyone – young and old, from every background, all across the country. We need individuals, community organizations, corporations, foundations, and our government to be part of this effort.

Today, for the official kick off of United We Serve, members of my administration have fanned out across America to participate in service events and encourage all Americans to join them.

The First Lady is rolling up her sleeves and getting to work too. But before she headed out today, she asked me to share this message with you.

Watch Video here

Our nation faces some of the greatest challenges it has in generations and we know it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get us back on track.

While Michelle and I are calling on every American to participate in United We Serve, the call to service doesn’t end this fall. We need to stay involved in our towns and communities for a long time to come. After all, America’s new foundation will be built one neighborhood at a time – and that starts with you.

Thank you,
President Barack Obama

Oh M Gee!

Right! America, roll up your sleeves and get to work with Barak and Michelle. Like everything else he talks about, I have no idea what this means. We need to stay involved in our towns and communities? You mean the ones where all the buildings are empty because businesses have closed due to the economy or have gone overseas because it's too expensive to do business here. Gallatin, TN looks like an industrial ghost town.

Sure, our nation is facing some really hard challenges right now...like paying back the enormous amount of money our new president spent to bail out banks, car companies and support rebuilding Gaza for the Palestinians.

Did it ever occur to him that if he gave each household in the United States a portion of the zillions he's spending, we would have done a much better job of stimulating the economy? We could have paid off bills, bought new cars, maybe even invested in a home. Did you know that the majority of America rents? When the president talks about tax breaks, he forgets a huge population of the country who aren't fortunate enough to own their own homes. How about some help for those folks.

Now the government has started pushing car sales. With the passing of the Cash for Clunkers by congress, I suppose that rebated money is going to encourage all those unemployed people to rush right out and incur yet another debt they can't afford on the measly weekly benefit they receive (that includes that $25.00 increase he granted those who had lost their jobs.)

There is something wrong with this picture. To further validate my belief that the government benefits from every thing B.O. proposes, I watched Mrs. Obama today as she encouraged young students to plant a garden. Sure, she helped and offered praise, but the end result requires the youngsters to sell the vegetables and turn the money over to the school.Don't they already get enough funding? Is that what we've been reduced to?

So, roll up your sleeves, plant a garden, sell those veggies and send the money to Congress. We have to repay that trillion dollar debt somehow.

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Anonymous said...

You are right on on all of that.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!