Thursday, June 18, 2009

Misplaced Anger?

Granted, these sorts of things anger people, but for as long as I've been alive, there have been racist and tasteless jokes aimed at every nationality or sector. What about fat people? They are made fun of every day and no one pitches a fit equal to the one brewing in Nashville right now.

Some poor schmuck like me, received and forwarded this picture depicting President Obama as a pair of eyes. Rather than consider it stupid and trash it, she forwarded it. Unfortunately someone who received it needed a platform to spew venom and this provided it. What doesn't amaze me is that because the Senator is Republican, it's mostly Democrats who are offended and are making this about crossing political lines, rather than just crossing the line of good and bad taste. The woman has apologized, but her apology didn't contain the message the offendees wanted to hear.

The sender has worked in Senator Black's office for over twenty years and people are demanding that she be fired. So far, the senator is holding firm with an issued warning. I agree with her.

The woman made a mistake, but is it worth penalizing her career and retirement. Did she kill anyone? Some are angered because she stated she was sorry it fell into the wrong hands and didn't show more remorse. Is there a meter somewhere that measures how we feel and how we should react? Maybe we should just send her to Gitmo. At least she might get released to beautiful Bermuda or Belize...maybe even get to finally go to Paris. The woman made a mistake. Let it go!

My point...why aren't people this angry about all the bad moves in Washington? Why aren't they up in arms over the growing unemployment and the rising gas prices? Why didn't they find fault when our President was kissing ass and apologizing for us? Violating a bill he sponsored as a senator, our president recently fired a man for doing the job he was paid to do. According to the "law" this inspector general was to receive 30 days notice and a reason for his termination. All he got was a demeaning public statement from the White House. I haven't seen this covered on any of the network news programs, but I've sure seen a lot reported on this. Why waste another moment on such a stupid error in judgment as this picture? Honestly, can't we even laugh at ourselves anymore?

People...take a chill pill and get over it. There's much better causes to pursue. How about venting about N. Korea or Iran developing weapons they evidently plan to use against us. Those are going to do much more harm than this asinine picture,

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Anonymous said...

Why aren't people worried about Iran? Because MR. Obama told the world every things are peachy now that he told Iran to behave. Of course that was after he made our apologies to them because they are terrorist and we appose them.

Go to this website and see Homophobia at Amazon This wonderful example of how to humble. Too bad we don't put this kind of effort behind some of the, so called, "policies" being put in place now. God knows what's in the works, but it almost seems as if everything has been pre-planned.

You might think I'm a coward for not signing my name, but I will when it counts. Doesn't really matter much anyway.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!