Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Super Obama

For heaven sakes, even God rested on the 7th day. Can BO spend money any we don't even have? Any moment now I expect him to rip open his shirt and show us the big S on his chest. Unfortunately, I think he misunderstood and is showing his ass instead. While we're being told to sacrifice and be patient, he's going on date nights, assuring the Muslims that America wants to play nice, and re-structuring the bankruptcy guidelines to fit GM. It won't be long until the government tells us what kinds of cars we can buy, and lord help those who don't adhere. Am I the only one scared of his man and his power plays?

My sister and I were discussing the proposed expenditure for health care reform. Have you noticed that despite the transparency claim he always quotes, you really never have any idea of what type of reforms he plans to make? Let's consider that two of the biggest money-sucking screw-ups in the the US are Medicare and Medicaid. The fraudulent claims number in the thousands for individual agencies, yet no one provides any oversight to rectify the problem. So...these government run agencies can be listed as money-sucking ventures from the tax-payers, yet the government wants to overhaul our entire health care program and tell us how it should be run. Right! What's wrong with this picture?

Speaking of what's wrong. Why isn't the media or some of the commentators on Fox asking the important questions. When announcement of upcoming jobs was made, why didn't someone ask 'where and who will benefit?"

When asked about the statement, VP Joe Biden responded that the answer was outside his payscale. Only the president knows the answer. Does Joe Biden know anything at all?

What about all the czars? The title isn't new, but never before has a president appointed so many to these posts. Currently he has assigned sixteen friends, acquaintances or complete strangers to occupy a desk. I watched Glen Beck explain how these positions function, and they are non-elected individuals, not necessarily qualified in any manner for an area of expertise, and answer ONLY to the President. The original format for government was set so that one branch didn't become too top heavy with power. I'd say there has been a vast change in the model. I'm with Glen in wanting to know why we need a Health Czar when we have just appointed someone as the Director of Healthcare...why a Terror Czar when we have a Department of Homeland Security, and why a Car Czar...although I believe that's to handle the new government interest in GM.

Okay...enough to ponder for today. I'll be back as soon as my blood pressure lowers.


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

He scares me to death. He's above it all and the American people really believe that. I get the feeling, sometimes, that he's not even American.He won't solute the flag, then there's the thing about not wearing the flag on his lapel. What's wrong with the man. How far will he go. My only consolation is, what goes up must come down. There's no place to go but down, but how long will America leave their blinders on. I hope they come down before the next election. I can't even listen to the man talk.

Thanks for letting me steam. One tends to get their head bit off if they complain about him. I'm sure you've noticed that.

Take care and keep on trying.

Ginger Simpson said...

I started this blog for the very reason you mention...people getting upset when I expressed my opinions about our current president. I honestly don't understand why they do, because sharing opinions is a form of enlightenment. I can't believe I lost a good friend of many years because of my first negative post. She totally wrote me off. I guess she wasn't as good a friend as I thought. I would never discount friendship because of differing opinions....especially on politics. *lol*

I don't expect people to agree with me, and I'm always interested in learning why throngs blindly follow a man so many commentators predict is leading us down a path from which we may not recover. For years I watched only network news until I discovered Fox. There are soooo many things you never hear about on ABC, CBS and NBC. They report only the positive spin. If everyone would just watch Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, and their cohorts, they would learn so much more, but maybe that's why they don't. It's easier to pretend everything is flowers and candy. One can only hope that people soon become enlightened. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

Lillie Ammann said...


My husband says several times a day, "I told you if he got elected, we'd be in big trouble." And I remind him he didn't have to tell me—I could see and I can't understand why everyone can't.

Robert Ringer is predicting that the administration will try to find a way to avoid holding the next elections—some kind of national emergency or something. I just hope and pray enough people come to their senses before that happens.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!