Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scratching My Head

I started this blog because my political viewpoints annoyed so many readers that my subscribers began leaving. As someone who buried her head in the sand for years and preferred to believe that life is all sunshine and flowers, I can hardly condemn them. It's so much easier to pretend that all the bad things that are happening, aren't. Unless we take an opportunity to voice our discontent through venues such as blogging and tea parties, then we may as well all be blind, deaf and dumb.

What makes me scratch my head though is trying to figure out why so many people feel the need to be so defensive of a President who doesn't defend us. What kind of leader visits other nations and talks about us behind our backs, and without provocation? I certainly don't approve of much that he's done, but for better or worse, his term is sort of like a marriage. We're stuck with him until we're granted a divorce or his term is up. I don't dislike the man as much as I detest his arrogance and ignorance. His belief that the government needs to be involved in every aspect of life might be interesting if he could back up the theory with success stories.

I'm not so sure I want government-controlled healthcare after seeing the mess made of medicare/welfare, and the bailouts. There is too much corruption and fraud in the system, and if we don't clean house, it's like growing mold spores. Government cannot even run itself without scandal, disappointment, and disgruntled voters, so why would we believe involving elected officials to make ANY decisions is a good idea? Do you want someone like Nancy Pelosi deciding when you can go to the doctor, or how bad your pain needs to be before you can go? Then she'd probably lie and say she never even talked to you. *lol* I'm fairly certain that the best care would go to the relatives of the elected officials...John Murtha would probably find a way to get a health care building named after him to follow up his money funneling airport ventures. I'd be so interested to know why so many people welcome government intervention in our health concerns. What am I missing? If you watch network news or read the local newspapers, you're never going to get the whole story.

Differences of opinions are what makes the world go around, but I'm saddened that there are so many who would rather NOT have a political discussion for fear of facing an opposing stance. If we don't talk about things, how can we gain perspective and make the world a better place?

Just asking.

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