Sunday, June 14, 2009

We are in Deep Doo Doo

While our President is busy appointing czars without scrutiny or the "transparency in government" he promised... and undermining the proposed structure of the government that assured that not one branch could become top-heavy, we're stuck with VP Biden to handle the blatant threat of Nuclear War against us by North Korea.

Think about it. Joe Biden hasn't been able to answer one question with any degree of authority or knowledge since he took office. His wrists are red from being slapped for making the current administration look ridiculous, and this is the man our lives depend on? It scares me to death.

This from the news: WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday committed the U.S. to enforcing new U.N. penalties against North Korea while acknowledging that "God only knows" what ruler Kim Jong Il wants from the latest showdown.

Are we going to do anything more than impose sanctions and inspect their ships...and will we do it before or after a piece of the United States goes up in smoke?

The Democrats are quick to attack ex VP Cheney and say his remarks indicate he hopes we are attacked in order to prove his point. So says the CIA director. Wrong, Mr. Panetta. YOU read between the lines. Dick Cheney is trying to make you and your cohorts realize it's time to pay attention to what is happening in the world. As I've said before, we have Jihad training camps in our own back yard, and while the President is off playing nice with the Muslims of the world, promising things on our behalf, the North Koreans are going to take advantage of the lack of attention and make a bold and deadly move. Instead of finger pointing and placing blame, why can't both sides work together?

What amazes me is that more air time has been given in honor of David Carradine...a man who accidentally hung himself naked in his closet in an attempt to achieve an orgasm...or to the ex-Miss California, Carrie PreJean who lost who crown from failure to comply with her duties. Who gives a crap? There are more important issues to be aired, but the media doesn't want you to know the ugly side of politics and the stupid decisions that have been made to move our country further toward a dictatorship. Ask yourself...Why do we need Obama to appoint Czars when other cabinet members have been duly approved and appointed to do the same things? I believe now when he said he would be creating jobs, he was telling the truth. We just didn't realize it was his own personal agenda. Where's the transparency we were promised? Don't we elect politicians to work for us? I know of know other employers who are kept in the dark and remain clueless about what their employees are doing or not doing. It's time to to take a stand, and even if sharing my opinions on my blog is a baby-step...I'm not sitting idly by and keeping quiet.

Am I wrong to care?

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Anita Davison said...

I'm going to join Ginger today, although I don't pretend to understand US Politics, but cannot help being aware that a good publicity machine can cover up pretty much anything they want.
I have always been one of the silent majority who keeps their head down and hopes the extremists don't get a foothold and will let me live in peace.

However here in the UK, our own government scares me to death. Populated by a bunch of amoral, moronic, lying hypocrites who are in government purely to feather their own nests with multiple jobs - [why isn't being a member of Government considered a full time position?] Fraudulent expense caims - how can a husband and wife who are both MP's claim two allowances for the same house and still insist they didn't do anything wrong?

Brown says he will set up a committee to 'Investigate' - yeah, it's called The Fraud Squad - what they did isn't 'a mistake', 'an oversight', or 'none of the electorate's business' it's fraud - plain and simple. And if it wasn't wrong - why are some of them giving it back ? And you know what really twists my gut - the fact they can!!!

And my final rant - Funny how PM Blair's expense claims have been 'lost' so never made it into The Daily Telegraph - a man who took us into a war to suck up to his old crony George Dubya, then walked out of his job and left us all in the mire. But then he'd made a pile of money, so why should he care about those boys in Afghanistan?

They have no shame. Where did the real statesmen go?

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!