Friday, July 31, 2009

What's Wrong With Us?

WE THE PEOPLE have lost our friggin' minds. We're trusting politicians to make decisions in which they have no experience or knowledge aside from being elected to office. Someone wrote to Reader's Digest, "the problem with our constitution, is it's missing the words, TERM and LIMITS. I agree. We set them for the presidency, why not for these people who have made being Senators a career?

I don't believe being an elected official was ever meant to become a life-long pursuit, complete with benefits we pay for. Congress is passing laws that are ridiculous... and expensive, but do they care? Their hand is in your wallet, not their own. And will they sacrifice their awesome health benefits for a government run one? I think not.

I watched an interview with Chris Dodd about his prostate cancer. Sorry, Mr. Dodd, but you're just one of many unfortunate men to suffer this disease. What makes you more newsworthy than the rest. It's sort of like how the government considered the auto industry was more important to save than the thousands of other failing businesses in America. Even though I garnered sympathy for his plight, the man has lied to the public as much as he's told the truth. If he wasn't tied to the government, he probably would have been ridden out of town on a rail. Maybe we should consider returning to tarring and feathering people.

I've written to my senators, but alas, I feel it's much like spitting in the wind. Once these people are elected, unless we stand united and scream our protests, we'll not be heard. The Tea Parties did little to change things. People are too afraid of the repercussions of letting their feelings be known. Who wouldn't after those who participated with lumped in with terrorists by the Department of Homeland Security. Funny...Homeland...Security...those two words are sort of an oxymoron.

I fear for tomorrow. We have a president who is more concerned with pushing unread bills through Congress to pass them than worrying over how many of the American people wonder where their next meal is coming from...their next paycheck. I'm happy to know the "Cash for Clunkers" project has been such a success. Congress has approved dumping more money into it because of the huge response. It will be interesting in a few months to view the repo stats. Think they'll share them with us. I doubt it. We only hear the sunny side of everything unless we tune into non-network newscasts.

As one person, I can't do anything more than voice my concerns here, but if Congress has their way, pretty soon, this will be against the law...viewed as cyber bullying. So...I guess I'll get my licks in while I can. Check some of the links in my sidebar. See what's really going on in the world. You might be surprised.

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