Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amazing Video

Yes, I questioned the recent money spent to launch yet another vehicle into space...thinking it might be better spent helping the millions whose unemployment has lapsed or to create the jobs President Obama has promised, but I suppose that's human nature. My thoughts..."We can't afford to support this planet...or even get along with one another...why are we going elsewhere?" Of course, there a thousands of answers but they don't come to the mind of someone struggling to survive this troubled economy and divided government.

I can't deny, though, that I find this video amazing, and I guess without space exploration, we wouldn't have this knowledge...but then I had to stop and wonder why I care to know. Does it help me in anyway? There has to be a reason someone cares.

Although the comparisons are quite captivating, I really didn't get the value until the last phrase. I believe someone needs to send it to our President, who seems to think he is.... (Thanks to the creator 'morn1415' - where I found this on youtube.)

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