Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Guess I'm a Thread-Jacker

And I didn't even know it.

If you use Facebook, then you are familiar with the tons of posts added everyday. If you have many friends, then it is hard to keep up with the games, roses, kisses, quizzes, etc, that everyone passes on. I try to avoid those because of time constraints, but sometimes find myself caught up in the moment.

One thing I've always considered, and obviously I was wrong, is that if someone is your friend on any of these promotional and chatting sites, it should be okay if you mention your own blog in a comment. For example: yesterday I noticed a thread started by my son's friend, someone I've chatted with frequently, but never met, and I should have just kept reading, but...

The conversation had turned a bit political and people were slamming one guy who had posted his opinion. I commented ONLY that I sort of agreed with him, then said if anyone would like to see a professional's viewpoint of our prez, they were invited to visit my blog at........

This was the response I got back:

"Ginger, please stop spamming my site with your threadjacks to promote your own blog. It's rude and annoying. Also, you are completely full of shit and your argument is full-on retarded."

To say I was stunned is an understatement. I never considered myself a spammer, and told him so, but in a private email:

I honestly was blind-sided by your mean-spirited comment on your blog. I said nothing except what I feel about the situation and invited only those interested to visit my blog. Never considered you would think of me as a spammer. I would much more have appreciated a personal and private email to discuss it, rather than being humiliated by being publicly told I'm "full of shit and retarded" by someone I considered a friend. guess I was totally wrong on that one. Not cool, and I would never have done that you. Nice touch on the fourth of July when freedoms are being celebrated...evidently not in your case.

His response, again publicly, was:

"Oh, horseshit.

This isn't about honesty, it's about opinion... and I have no problem with your opinion, Ginger, even if I think it's retarded and you're full of shit... it's the threadjacking that's rude and annoying -- and yes, by definition, when you come on someone else's site and try to get people to come to yours by posting links to your blog, that's spamming.

He then responded that I'm taking the internet far too seriously??? AND I needed to take a chill pill? Sure, everyone likes being told their full of shit and retarded, right?

I made two more attempts before I got frustrated and removed him as a friend and blocked further messages. I have better ways to spend my time...all this over one comment probably five lines long and not very in-depth. Who needs a chill pill?

So, I guess the point of this post is be careful where you invite people to visit you. Some folks EVIDENTLY take great offense. I guess the days of giving people the benefit of the doubt or letting them know your feelings in private are passed. we didn't have enough stress in our lives already. Of course, I consider that this fellow probably suffers from "little man" syndrome and using the Internet allows him to walk tall, talk tough and carry a big stick. So sad. boy, you think you know someone!! *lol*

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