Monday, July 20, 2009

What Can the Government Run?

Later this week, I hope to be able to share some information with you from friends abroad who deal with health care run by the government. But in the meantime, I have to ask...given the fact that medicare has become such a financial burden on the government, and they were directly in charge of overseeing those programs, what makes Obama think the government can manage health care for the entire nation?

As I see it, their track record stinks, and I'm reluctant to put my fate in the hands of people who lack the skills and expertise. Who in government is trained in Healthcare?

President Obama promised jobs but it seems the only ones created thus far are for people who are versed in positions related to bettering the infrastructure: highway equipment operators, buildings, flaggers, etc. We're going to have lots of new roads and bridges to empty businesses.

Oh, let's not forget the ridiculous Czar positions he created and filled without any input from anyone else. Funny how the car czar has no experience in the automotive industry, and I'm pretty sure the credentials of the others are equally as lacking. Why do we need people to oversee organizations within the government who already have people appointed to do that? Seems rather redundant and wasteful to me.

CyberSpace Czar

Technology Czar

Drug Czar

Copyright Czar

Climate Czar

Car Czar

Energy Czar

Health Care Czar

WMD Czar

Education Czar

Economic Czar

Housing Czar

Mortgage Czar

So far the $787 Billion dollar stimulus has done little to help, and we're being encouraged by Obama's spokespeople to be patient. I have a good idea, and I wonder why it wouldn't have worked better than bailing out the bigger industries. Why not send a sizable check to every household. Allow the American public to stimulate the economy by paying their bills, catching up on their mortgages, enjoying an evening out for dinner, movie or family recreation. Wouldn't that have done far more to put money back into circulation? I know I could have put some of it to good use, especially now that my husband is one of the 9 1/2% unemployed across the nation.

I watched this morning as a member of the GOP talked about how signing the stimulus was supposed to offset the growth of unemployment, but instead of a decline, the numbers have risen. How much longer can the nation support those without jobs before that money runs dry? Several states have already had to start borrowing from the feds to pay the benefits. Kentucky, for example has an 11% unemployment rate. Can they carry the burden for much longer?

President Obama is preparing for ANOTHER publicized TV appearance to appeal to the American people to support his healthcare reform. I'm happy with my healthcare, so why would I want reform? Why not hire doctors to operate free clinics to serve those who have no healthcare? Wouldn't that be a better option than forcing something else down our throats? When Obama promised change, did any of us expect he would want to have everything his way?


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Hey you, I found a video you might like. Here's the URL:

Ginger Simpson said...

I enjoyed the video, and I do agree with much that Sen. DeMint says. My problem: He even admits that people signed the bill without reading it. What's wrong with this picture? Too much finger pointing and accusing, and things still keep getting passed. I think we need a great big ol' broom and a good clean sweep of the incumbents. :)

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!