Monday, August 10, 2009

Yeah, Sure!

Isn't it amazing how the government reacts to people expressing their minds and fears? The first group of interested folk who attended the tea parties at the beginning of the year found themselves being grouped in with terrorists by the Department of Homeland Security. Funny, I went, and it never occurred to me to harm anyone, nor did I see one indication of violence. Just people voicing their concerns and seeking support for common sense and logic.

Now, people attending the town hall meetings to speak out against Health Care Reform are being labeled as "Angry Mobs" organized by the Republicans to cast aspersions on our President's integrity.

For the record, I'm not a Republican nor a Democrat. I don't believe our country should be divided by political lines, and the reason should be clear by what is happening in our current and past administrations. People vote party lines, right or wrong, or cave to pressure from the opposite side. Finger pointing and logo waving are more important than READING the bills and making informed decisions. People are loyal to their sides and would vote for anything or anyone bearing the party name.

It disturbs me that the President and his staff seem to believe we are all a bunch of idiots who can't make informed decisions. Now, I've received an email from the White House again, with links to various videos meant to dispel the myths of those vindictive opponents who have put together "shopped" information to make the Health Care Reform bill look bad. I watched one and shook my head...the one that assures me I can keep my own insurance and doctor. Sure, I can until my employer decides that it's cheaper for them to do away with my current carrier. There went my choice down the dumper...and I see that happening.

My decisions to oppose Health Care Reform are in the exact wording of the bill itself...words many of the advocates haven't read or never will because their aides read for them. Wouldn't you prefer to have the person casting a vote actually READ and interpret for themselves. Remember people...the Bible is the basis for a multitude of religions...all based on the same book but different interpretations.

My point...the Constitution allows us the right to free speech, but when we try to use it, we're condemned, labeled, and discounted. My sister pointed out something I hadn't noticed. Why am I all of a sudden getting emails from the White House. She isn't, nor are any of my other family. Do you think it's because I blog and express opinions publicly? I wonder. Big brother is watching, and I have to tell you, after seeing the government disclaimer on one site which informed anyone viewing that their computer was now the property of the government, I was a little reluctant to visit the reform website. Check it out if you want...I'm all for making informed decisions, but just remember as you watch these clips...what would you expect the White House to do when so many are pointing out than any undertakings they involve themselves with go belly up. Medicare, Medicaid and the Social Security Administration are all in serious trouble and now the Government wants to manage EVERYONE's health care. Personally, if I was an employer looking at their resume...I'd move along to the next candidate.

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