Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

This program has been such a success that they ran out of money and had to put another two million dollars into the coffers. We all know that buying an new car is an impulse item, and when you dangle $4500 in front of people, I wonder how many ran out and created a car payment they won't be able to afford if the economy continues to plummet. That may not be an appropriate word...I think we don't have much further to fall.

What angered me most, before I saw the following video, is knowing that cars in perfectly good condition are being "crushed" and disposed of while unemployed or disadvantaged people with vehicles that are gasping their last breath would probably give an arm or let to have one. We're not talking old rusted, dented crap. The criteria listed anything that doesn't get 22 MPG or more is eligible for trade in and demolition as long as it meets age requirements.

While the green side of me understands trying to get gas guzzlers off the road, I'll continue to be an offender. We bought our GMC Denali when both my husband and I were employed, and we purchased it to pull an RV we could afford before gasoline skyrocketed. Sadly, we are a prime example of how people do not consider what might happen in the future. I never expected the economy to bottom out or that my husband would fall victim to layoff. Impulse, like I said! Besides, I couldn't trade mine in if I wanted. I owe more than it's worth now.

Anyhow...I invite you to watch the following video. Glen Beck on Fox news is my hero! He doesn't advocate violence, he advocates fairness and he's determine to help wake America up. If I can assist him, then I'm sure as hell going to try. You're certain to gasp at what the government has on their website because it MOST CERTAINLY AFFECTS YOU IF YOU LOG IN!

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