Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Last Word

So, the government-run Cash for Clunkers program is running smoothly? I don't think so. Ask the hundreds of dealers who are sitting with lots full of clunkers who have to have them demolished in order to get their $4500 back...or those who already have submitted the documentation as proof and still haven't been paid.

Cash for Clunkers presented a great opportunity for those people with jobs and credit to get a new vehicle. BUT, how did the masses of unemployed who are driving around in cars gasping for their last breath benefit? What about all the organizations who accepted donated cars to benefit people in need? I'm sure this drove them out of business real quick. More unemployed. Great!

I find it ludicrous that millions of people with clunkers, no job, therefore no credit couldn't at least benefit from the cars traded in somehow in this deal. I've driven by lots that have cars marked as clunkers...ones like 2001-02 Ford Explorers, nice sedans and even compact cars that have been cared for and probably have many more miles of use to someone in need...but instead, they'll be crushed with not a thought given to those who really needed a break. Once again, Obama has come up with a bail out for the wrong people and left those struggling still trying to stay afloat. And the program is in dire trouble. Are these really the people you want handling your health care????

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Sue McK said...

I completely agree with you. I'm surprised they didn't give them to illegals to use. HAHAHAHHAHA!!!

But you're right about the healthcare stuff. I heard that they're considering a 'graduated' health care system...based on your income from the IRS. The more you make, the less you get without paying for it.

We're currently trying to figure out how to pay for college for our oldest child...and let me tell you...the middle class gets almost NOTHING for college. But if you don't work and are on welfare, you get a lot. And if you take out a loan, you'll end up OWING the government years of service.

I wouldn't be surprised if the healthcare junk were worded the same way. And linking it to the IRS forms? Unreal. Why not just take my checking account while you're at it...and my wallet has $20...want that, too? You can give it to someone who doesn't want to work...or who's turning in their car to get a foreign car.

Yeah. Disgusting. You're so right.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!