Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sharing An Important Message

I receive emails from American's for Prosperity, and although they do occasionally ask for donations to support their efforts, they don't browbeat you or remove you from their mailing list. far as I can see, they don't lie like the marionettes in Nancy Pelosi. Obama has such a tight hold on her strings, I'm surprised she can walk upright.

I like that the information AFP provides is always verifable. As expected, the MSNBC newscast video really worked to demean the organization because like other network news programs, they only report the sunshine and daisies aspect of government. You won't hear anything positive about the thousands across the nation like you and me who are concerned with the manner in which we are lied to and treated like we haven't a brain in our head. Bless people like Tim Phillips who keeps us informed, and I could give a crap if he makes some money in the process. Congress has been lining their pockets at our expense for years.

Dear Ginger,

Sometimes, the truth is…well… almost unbelievable.

You’ve heard Team Obama attack Americans for “manufactured anger.” You’ve seen them tell citizens to send “fishy” emails attacking the health care takeover directly to the White House. You saw Speaker Pelosi vilify hundreds of thousands of us as “un-American” for simply defending our freedoms. And, we’ve all seen the media accuse Americans for Prosperity and others of inciting “mob violence.” (Click here to view some of these attacks including my interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow)
But, believe it or not the radical Left is actually running ads offering to PAY FOR “GRASSROOTS” activists who will support the health care takeover.

Take a look at—it's full of listings like this one.

What hypocrisy.

Speaker Pelosi and the Obama Administration are attacking Americans who take time away from work and families to stand up for their freedoms.

Meanwhile, their allies are actually offering to pay people to be “grassroots” fronts.

And the big industry players—the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies— are all over TV with ads supporting big-government regulations.

Clearly, they are very well-funded but they are losing on the issues – 53% of Americans now oppose the health care takeover while only 42% support it. Gallup did a poll earlier this year that showed that despite all the hype from the left, global warming ranks dead last among eight environmental concerns. They also cannot inspire Americans to support their agenda. So, they trash average Americans and pay for “grassroots” fronts.

This week President Obama is holding staged town hall meetings before hand-picked audiences across the nation where, sadly, he says things that just are not true. But, Americans are not buying the falsehoods. They know government run health care will not save money. They know bureaucrats deciding whether seniors can get the health care they need is a frightening idea.

So, we can expect the other side to continue trying to demonize you and me. The key for us is to be civil but insistent, appropriate but still passionate.

And, always, we must remember what is at stake.

I hear from so many of you. Pam in Atlanta, GA sent a picture of her 96-years-young grandmother fishing with her 79-year-old mother and told me the story of her grandmother’s hip replacement. She wrote that under government-run health care her grandmother would most likely have been denied that hip replacement “…because of a number, her age.” Pam went on to say that she’s drawn a “line in the sand” on the health care issue because of her loved ones.

Keep up the fight. Make sure you check out the outrageous ads offering to pay “grassroots” workers pushing FOR government-run health care.

At AFP we cannot offer you money to be a grassroots activist but we can tell you that you’ll be earning something far more valuable – your continued freedom.


Tim Phillips

PS: Be sure to visit to see where our “Hands Off My Health Care” bus tour is going next and where our anti cap-and-trade “Cost of Hot Air” tour is heading next. I’ll be in Pennsylvania tomorrow and Friday and then Ohio and Virginia next week. Hope to see you! Either way, know that we’re winning.

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