Saturday, August 29, 2009

Farewell, Ted Kennedy

Most of the country is mourning the loss of Ted Kennedy today. It actually makes me a little sick that someone who should have paid for the death of an innocent young woman so many years ago is getting a hero's farewell and laid to rest with company greater than his.

Yes, I'm a little bitter. I believe that name, status, and money shouldn't play a part in determining someone's guilt or innocence, but our politicians don't seem to recognize that fact. Why does Barney Frank still have a seat? The man is a crook. Why do we have so many confessed tax cheats elected to public office...or appointed? And the bigger question, why does our president need over 20 Czars that are appointed by and answer only to him? He seems to have a personal connection with each one. Something's rotten, and it's not in Denmark.

Ted Kennedy served in Congress for 47 years. For God sakes, it's an elected post, and what did he do that made his contributions valuable enough to turn his position into a career? The Democratic Lion!! I'm sick and tired of party lines. It's time to tear them down and have an AMERICAN party that works for the good of the people and values the Constitution again. Instead of congressmen and women voting because it's the Democratic or Republican thing to do, we need to abolish those divisive barricades to good and common sense. President Obama, in his effort to effect the CHANGE he promised, is sending us barreling down a road many of us don't want to travel, and I fear we have no one who speaks for those of us who are reluctant to pack our bags.

It's time to clean house...time to take away the mouthpieces for special interest groups in this country. I urge you...when you vote in the next election and see the word, "incumbent," consider the state of our government now and vote for someone you know who has integrity and the best interest of the public in mind. Clearly there are too many in congress who have forgotten why they are there.

When people who attend town hall meetings and tea party's to express their opinions are labeled as astroturf or worse likened to terrorists. don't you scratch your head and wonder why?

It that doesn't tick you off, then consider why a government of a country in financial peril believes it's necessary to purchase jets for the convenience of themselves... and at our expense. It's time to get pissed. Join me, won't you. ARGHHHHHHHH!


Sue McK said...

I'm already with you...and angry at the whole thing. Ted let that woman die on purpose...he should've served 47 years in JAIL.

Amen on everything you said! I couldn't agree with you more. It's funny...take away the 'letter' behind their name and I have a feeling the people would see the congressmen for what they really are--being controlled by special interest groups, and people who don't even READ THE DARNED BILLS!!!

Yeah...right on...I completely agree!!!

Lillie Ammann said...

Our founding fathers expected citizen legislators to serve their country a few years and go back to the farm or the store or whatever else they did. We should have term limits—the longer these professional politicians stay in office the more corrupt they become and the further detached they are from "we, the people."

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!