Saturday, May 2, 2009

Open Mouth - Insert Foot

Actually, the concept of putting your foot into your mouth ceases to be cute unless you're a baby. I haven't really followed politics until lately, but I'm appalled at the obvious lack of respect for the American public displayed by the current administration.

I'm understanding more clearly why Joe Biden has plagiarized the speeches of so many others. He can't seem to avoid embarrassing himself or the White House if he delivers something on his own accord. His latest announcement concerning Swine Flu was certainly an opinion he is entitled to, but when you share it on national television, there's no doubt anyone who provides options for public travel will not take kindly to someone encouraging folks not to utilize their services.

President Obama has laid a few eggs of his own, the most notable for me being his apology for the derisive and dismissive of Americans toward those abroad. I would prefer not to have someone assume how I feel and lump me into categories where I don't belong. Of course, his recent comments about those of us who attended Tea Parties failed to register any points either. It would have been much nicer for him to praise the frustrated lot of Americans who gathered peacefully and voiced opinions we wanted him to hear instead of "Those critics," he said, were "just waving tea bags around."

"Chit runs downhill," and it seems to be true since the President's opinion prompted Nancy Pelosi to express her own disregard for a large portion of the voting class:

Anti-Tax Tea Parties are not a grassroots movement, rather an "astroturf" movement funded by the wealthiest Americans in protest of having to pay more taxes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the democrats were all about grassroots movements? I guess they only care if its their own herb they're growing.

Her latest denials are almost humorous if they weren't so insulting to the public's intelligence. She didn't know anything about the Harman wire-tap."She knew. We made sure she knew," said one of the former officials, chuckling.

This was recently posted to address her claim of 'no knowledge' about interrogation techniques which included water boarding:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) attended secret CIA briefings on interrogation procedures that clearly laid out the details of waterboarding and other "harsh" CIA interrogation techniques in 2002.
Pelosi and other Democratic Party members on the committee had full knowledge of waterboarding technique and queried CIA as to whether waterboarding was harsh enough to extract information. The Speaker and other attending Democratic Party committee members voiced their approval, and encouraged the CIA to go forward with their program that included water boarding according to a Washington Post article dated December 9, 2007. There are multiple accounts of Pelosi's involvement and approval of "harsh" waterboarding techniques used on terror suspects planning and fighting against the US civilian population.

What a nice tribute to the Speaker of the House position. If you're speaking, you must be lying? Has there ever been an administration filled with so many folks with questionable backgrounds?

We need term limits. Seats in congress have become a career rather than an elected office. It's time to get out the swiffer and sweep out the people who have lost interest in anything except their special needs and interests. Honestly, does the John Murtha airport need so much money funneled from John Murtha simply because it carries his name? An estimated 20 people a day utilize the three flights to the same destination, yet millions were allocated to update radar and runways. Please...

Why did I pick this time in my life to pay attention to politics. Someone shoot me!!

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