Monday, May 18, 2009

Where's the Accountability?

This definitely isn't Nancy Pelosi's best photo, but this isn't her finest hour. When, I ask, do our elected officials become accountable for their actions and have to face consequences? How can vicious lies and the defamation of another U.S. agency be swept under the carpet when they've been made by a person who is third in line to be the President of this country? Is this the leadership we want or NEED?

It seems ludicrous to me that President Obama is advising Israel about how to achieve peace with the Palestinians when our government is at war with itself. For whatever reason, he considers himself the diplomatic "God" who is going to end the eternal war in the middle east simply by sitting down and speaking rationally with irrational leaders such as Ahmadinajad.

It's my personal belief that you lead by example, and our congress and those newly appointed by President Obama are certainly not setting a very high bar. We have a verified plagiarist as Vice President, a tax cheat in charge of the IRS, An ill-informed and totally unprepared head of Homeland Security, and now a Speaker of the House who has shown her true colors and is doing nothing to further bi-partisan relationships.

Maybe the time has come to have a good long look at the political system in this country. Our politicians have become career-oriented rather than elected officials who are in Washington to watch out for our best interests. Do we really need John Murtha spending more of our tax dollars to repave the runway for his namesake airport? Do we in Tennessee really want to bail out California so that the elected officials there can continue to fritter away the budget dollars and have nothing change? All of a sudden, legalizing and taxing Marijuana seems quite moral if it puts money into the hands of greedy government officials.

Ask yourself where all the money raised by high property taxes, the millions of automobile registration fees, and the exorbitant fees tacked on to gasoline and other fuels have gone. Just one look at the gridlocked freeways there and a quick compute of one of the US's highest registration fees per auto should raise a big question mark.

It seems we are not paying attention to issues at hand that are jeopardizing us and our children. We keep sending the same crooks back to Washington. We have Jihad Terror Training Camps in our own backyards...the very people who behead and mutilate human beings, yet we are stuck on how inhumane it is to use waterboarding on these very people. How many lives have been saved for its use? Do we really care about the rights of terrorists and murderers? Are we going to stand back and allow the inmates of Gitmo to file law suits protesting their treatment? I think the world has gone crazy...and even more so since the January inaguration.

It was so assuring to see President Obama give his commencement speech to the graduating class at Notre Dame, and to listen to the encouragement Mrs. Obama spouted to those at UC Merced...but again, I have to ask...with millions unemployed, where will these new grads find work? I believe our President needs to look in his own back yard and get in touch with middle class America to really realize how dire the situation for the majority. How many people are about to run out of unemployment benefits, and what will they do then? When times get tough, people snap. The anger is festering, and too many innocent people are going to be caught in the middle. Here's a question I've wanted to ask...when we elect someone like Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House, why can't she move to Washington for her term rather than utilize tax paying dollars for her expensive JET commute? It's little things like this that should be considered, but I guess studying pig smells is much more important for some politician who has the pork industry in his back pocket.

Rant over for now, but boy that felt good!

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