Monday, November 9, 2009

It Does My Heart Good

I rant and rave all the time about Obama, and wonder why so many people don't see the harm he's doing. And Nancy Pelosi...the woman sickens me. She's got her lips so firmly planted on the president's butt, she can't see how horrible she looks. Anyhow...I felt vindicated today, when someone posted the following on a yahoo loop we share. These are someone else's words, but the posteer read my mind:

Now, if anyone is a supporter of Obama, um... you may not want to read the rest of this email. I don't want to offend your beliefs, but I just have to clarify how I feel.

Ok, moi? An Obama supporter???? (Hold on, I'm choking!) Honestly, the man scares me. I don't think he knows what the hell he is doing. And between that communist bastard Van Jones, corrupt Acorn and the other 'suspicious' characters he surrounds himself with at the WH -- all of whom were not veted or investigated -- I don't trust the people around him either. Either he is a complete idiot who believes everything these people tell him (probably prefaced by 'pseudo-messianic' flattering and stroking his arrogant ego) or he's a psychotic megalomaniac mastermind intent on world domination. Hopefully, he is neither or, at best, somewhere in between. For me the only thing believable about him is that I DO believe he loves his children and cares about their future which (I'm hoping) will help ALL our childrens' future as well.

In my opinion (and I think it's now being shared by many in both parties) he is trying to change the very foundations of this country in order to pursue his own agenda, shove programs and socialist ideology quickly down the throats of Americans without more thorough study, full disclosure or honest dialogue. When questioned, it's always the same rhetoric he said during his campaign.

Which brings me to another point! I don't trust anyone who cannot look you in the eye and speak openly and honestly from the heart. Watch him the next time he gives a speech. He looks left, right -- left, right....never straying too far from the scripted speech. Remember when he read the Irish Prime Minister's speech off the teleprompter, thanking HIMSELF (the President of the US) for inviting him to the White House???? And this is not the first time he's done this! Take a look at him giving a speech in Virginia about his health care plan and what happens when his teleprompter broke!

The fact he has to have a teleprompter constantly, including at 'press conferences' where questions are NOT chosen randomly from the audience (as other presidents did) but pre-screened so he has a ready answer is a perfect example of him and his administration manipulating the press and media to suit his agenda, and NOT addressing the concerns of the people that a conscientious journalist might ask. Then again, the government now owns GE, who owns NBC and MNBC, -- so I guess no one wants to offend the major stockholder! And I really resent the fact that any citizen who questions him or doubts his experience or judgment is a racist. Sorry, I am NOT a racist and I think it's a cheap shot to keep playing that card.

My sainted Texan great-grandmother would probably compare him to a carpetbagger -- the 'fancy dressed' men who came to the south after the Civil War seeking power and success, primarily through corruption. My mom would call a flim-flam man -- deceptive, dishonest and willing to lie, cheat and swindle anyone to get what he wants. Me? I call him a snake oil salesman.

Still, when he was inaugurated, I prayed he would keep be a good president. Then I saw how the expenses for his inauguration, including the excessive GALA balls he said would not be at HIS inauguration in light of the economy and how people were suffering, were tripled what others presidents spent. Just two weeks earlier, Alcoa had laid over over 15,000 people and let's face it people were losing homes, being laid off, and no one was hiring.

I thought about how he told us all to not go to Vegas or take vacations (as if we could afford them); his solution to put air in our tires to save on gas and help the environment. Meanwhile, he goes on unprecedented vacations to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and New England with the wife and kids (all at taxpayer expense), not to mention their worldwide tour with the kiddies. Gee, let me run out and check my air pressure and worry about GAS prices! That's okay, Mr. President, take AF One and gallivant around the freaking world!!!!

Oh, and remember when Michelle said she was a bargain shopper and did not see the need to buy high-priced designer fashion???? Uh-huh. Gee, those $540.00 Lanvin sneakers she wore while doing a photo op at a food bank were so sensitive to the suffering of the homeless coming in there. When questioned about the 'fashionista' FRENCH sneakers, her assistant said she wears them to 'walk the dog'. Michelle's response? "They're just shoes." Uh-huh!!! OR, what about the $1,500 pumps and $1,000 tank top she wore when planting a tree a week later. And these are the two people who say WE are spoiled and need to cut back on OUR luxuries?????

CLEARLY, what these two say and what they do are at polar opposites. Well, I mean, I did have a glimmer of that during the election with his "uncle like" preacher saying "God Damn America", his criminal bomber friend, the felony charged slum lord who bought the lot next to his house and sold it for him for NOTHING -- and his association with that corrupt outfit Acorn -- the same outfit that is now being investigated by the IRS and scrutinized by the Senate -- FINALLY!

To be fair --- he does seem to be a good father -- so I guess he's not ALL bad. I'm still praying for the country, but I honestly do not trust this man and with his worshiping cult-like supporters having control of the House and Senate, I am terrified for this country and the possibly irreparable damage they are doing -- not to mention my concerns for our national security and the brave men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan who (let's face it) do NOT have a REAL Commander In Chief at the moment. Sorry, I cannot forget or possibly understand his 'priorities' when instead of meeting with the military and generals on critical issues regarding Iran, Irag, Afghanistan, etc. -- HE went to fricking Copenhagen to join Michelle and her retinue of staff to campaign for the Olympics in Chicago. At the same time, Gen. McChrystal (US Commander in Afghanistan) had just said he had never met the President and had not spoken with him in 70 days (OVER TWO MONTHS!!!???) about the war, etc.

The US Ambassador for the UN said the 'lack of communication with the general was indicative of Mr. Obama's misplaced priorities." You think????? I might add ONLY AFTER this information about lack of communication with the general was made public did Obama's people (roughly 48 hrs later) summon McChrystal to fly in for a 25-minute meeting face-to-face while AIR FORCE ONE was still on the tarmac in Copenhagen.

So, yeah, I am VERY concerned about the security in this country and especially his comprehension of the risk factor involved with the whole Iraq and Afghanistan situation, not to mention Iran making nuclear weapons.

And do NOT get me started on Nancy Pelosi because -- honestly -- I cannot stand that witch!!!!! She reminds me of some freaking wax work demon.

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Sue McK said...

I vote for psychotic megalomaniac for Obama. He is scary and I honestly believe he's trying to bring the United States down.

Nancy Pelosi...if California's smart, her days are numbered. They've got to see that she has some sort of mental issues because of her paranoia and accusations of things that just aren't true.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!