Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Time...

Yes, it's time for party lines to go away.  Our country is divided by two entities who ask you to ignore the issues and choose which side of the line on which you intend to stand.  Choices aren't based on what is right for the people, but rather the need to dominate and "show" the other side who's boss.

When the two-party system was created, it worked, but those days are long gone.  Although some people dare to claim themselves as "independent", you'll never see one elected or taken seriously by the media because they just don't have the backing of big corporations and business interests to make them legitimate the media controls things these days.

Old timers refuse to look forward, and focus on the past...when unions served a purpose and helped improve out country.  Now they seem to be running things...and into the ground.  I've often felt if you put a party label on a dog turd and put it on the ballot, people would vote for it based on what party is represented.  That might be loyalty, but c'mon folks, we need to stop and look at what works for all of us, not just a few.

I want to have faith in my government, feel protected, and promise my grandson that his tomorrow will be brighter than our today.  The reality:  everything the government runs is bankrupt.  I offer as proof, the post office, Amtrak, the Veteran's Administration, and our dwindling Social Security.  We've accepted the word "entitlement" to mean welfare (food stamps and money) for those who choose not to work and keep having children we must support.  No!  Entitlements are the things we've paid into and we're supposed to receive in our senior years.  Veterans are due help for their service to the country, but are they getting it?  If you answered yes, then ask yourself why you continually see commercials on TV asking for your contributions to Wounded Warriors.  Then ask yourself what has happened to the Social Security Administration and why things are drastically changing.  That money was earmarked for a special purpose, not for special needs of the government.

A friend of mine who lives in Alaska and has her own medical practice recently shared with me that 30% of the doctors in that state have already stopped accepting Medicare patients.  That's pretty scary.  Are we destined to be thrown out with yesterday's garbage, or will we finally grow a pair and stand up and say, "WE'VE HAD ENOUGH!

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