Friday, September 4, 2009

White House: Furor over Speech Is Silly

Really? This headlined on the Internet today, and I'm growing very tired of the Democrats deciding how the rest of us should react to their actions. As I said in an earlier post I have no problem with an elected official urging children to succeed in pursuing educational endeavors. What I do find problemmatic is passing out an agenda that is geared toward garning support for the present administration. If the questions presented no problems for the White House, why then are they being amended? There's a big difference between requesting a child to write a letter to themself answering, "What can I do to help my president?" over the new assignment, "What can I do to help me achieve my educational goals."

Given the number of parents who reacted to this "unannounced" speech to be given to all school aged children, and the number of states who have opted out of participating, I would say a great many people took issue with the presidents political agenda spilling over into the school. What might seem silly to some poses great interest to others. So...Mr. White House Press Secretary...stop judging how we react to the inane decisions our President makes that continue to affect us all. When you point the finger at one person, four point back at you.

By the way, for those concerned with how Gallatin responded. As far as I know, they'll continue with the option to watch or not, but I still dislike the entire idea. Young children will see their classmastes leaving and be puzzled. It's too divisive, but Benny Bills, the Superintendent here, made this decision on his own. He wasn't the most popular man in town, nor with his own school board, before this, and his independent action proves he doesn't value the board members or their opinions. Wrong, Mr. dare you speak for me and my family. What our child watches or doesn't watch isn't your decision to make...nor should you have even allowed politics to creep into the classroom.

Two board members responded to my concerns, and I appreciate that they did. Mr. Bills and the rest of the addressees ignored my email. I still can't believe how many people know nothing about the speech. They don't watch Fox and they have no Internet. I guess Mr. Bills assumes everyone does and feels that communicating is unnecessary because he knows best. I don't know the man but had heard rumors from other people in the community. I usually reserve the right to draw my own conclusions, but I think I'll go with the majority on this one.'s my blog and my opinion. *lol*

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Sue McK said...

...and I agree with you. I have a feeling you opened a can of worms about the superintendent. Time to vote out everyone in that school board and replace the superintendent. It's about time the sleeping giant awaken and realize who's in charge at even the local level. GREAT JOB!!!

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!