Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The School District Responds

But not to me! This morning I emailed the principal of my grandson's school and all the members of the Sumner County School Board. Only one member was kind enough to reply, supported my stand and suggested I email the Superintendent. I would have, but I couldn't locate an email address for him. The principal of the school didn't respond either and now I know why. The staff was probably too busy cranking out flyers to send home, in response to people like me who expressed their disdain at not having a say in whether or not their child participated in President Obama's scheduled and secretive indoctrination. Why weren't the parents made aware of this well before hand?

Now...NOT earlier today when I searched for addresses and sent my letter of concern, you'll find this statement issued about September 8th. Parents are now offered the choice of allowing their children to participate with the "speech group" or permit them to remain with their regular curriculum.

As many of you may be aware, President Barack Obama has announced that he

will be giving an address for our nation’s school children on Tuesday, September
8th at 11:00 a.m.

Students in Sumner County Schools will be given the opportunity to listen to the speech in their schools, provided their parent or guardian gives permission in writing for their student to do so. Conversely, parents or guardians will be given the opportunity to notify their school in writing they do not wish for their student to
listen to the President’s address. We will be sending correspondence home with students asking parents to notify their school of their preference regarding thePresident’s address.

Students who do not listen to the speech will remain in their classes where they will be engaged in an age-appropriate, grade- or course-appropriate activity. They will not be penalized in any way for missing the speech nor will the students wholisten to the speech to be penalized for not being in class

I suppose I should be happy that now my son and his wife, who are NOT Obama supporters can decide on the issue, but I still want an answer to my question. WHY IS IT OKAY TO SEGREGATE OUR CHILDREN INTO SEPARATE GROUPS BY ALLOWING POLITICS TO INVADE THE SCHOOL SETTING WHERE IT HAS NO PLACE?

Since we are already expected to supply paper, crayons, kleenex, paper towel, hand sanitizer, snacks, and any other necessities needed to teach our children, I wonder who's paying for the paper on which the informative flyers will be printed and NOW sent home. Our tax dollars at work? Again, I reiterate...if God can't be in the pledge, Obama should stay out of the schools. Whether you are Democrat, Republican or Independent--whatever you affiliation, you should be offended by this waste of time when the President has so many other things he should worry about. Creating a divisive atmosphere in our grammar schools is not going to win him any points in the polls.

Be very afraid:

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Sue McK said...

It's a scary time, for sure. Can anyone say 'Hitler youth'? That's what I, and many other parents, see here. My children will NOT be wearing brown shirts...and don't expect a booming attendance on 9/8, either. Many parents are keeping their kids home that day, or the first day of school when they plan to play the propaganda video.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!