Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I surprise myself, because for most of my adult life, I've kept my head buried, content only to listen to network news reports, and pay little attention to our government at work. In many ways, I wish I was still that same person because it was a lot less frustrating and a whole lot less scary.

More people need to sit up and pay attention to where our country is headed. The time to act is now, not once we arrive. I saw a perfect sign at the Tea Party in Nashville..."If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Sounds logical to me, but our current administration can't seem to put the shovels down.

Unfortunately, with our first 'president of color', people who disagree tend to find themselves labeled as racists or extremists. I could care less if Mr. Obama turned purple tomorrow, I still wouldn't view the choices he and congress are making as wise ones because I tend to believe what Beck, Hannity and those on Fox News report. You'll never hear most of what happens on ABC, NBC and CBS because like the special interest groups that have Congress by the wallet, the network news will never slant a negative report toward our nation's leaders. Here's a sample of opinions you'll not see shared there:

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