Monday, April 20, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Besides this little cartoon meter of the Obama Administration's spending, there is actually a website tracking how many of the 500 promises the new President made during his campaign speeches have been kept, are in the works or have yet to see action. I found it quite interesting, and it might be something you'll want to follow:

Given the fact he hasn't been in office that long, he has made good on some of his promises, but I believe his biggest lie came when he signed a pork-laden Omnibus bill after promising to do a line-by-line veto of excess earmarks. Blaming the Bush Administration for putting in the earmarks was a cop out in my opinion.

I also scratch my head at his appointees. Tim Geithner, a known tax cheat in the treasury? Janet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security? Wasn't she the Governor from Arizona who refused to consider a fence on the border. Yeah, the same Arizona that's now having so much trouble with the Mexican cartel and drugs. And then there's Leon Panetta as head of the CIA?

Quoted from the Los Angeles Times: "He would step into the post at a time when the CIA is struggling to stay abreast of the demands of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the pursuit of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups."

Shouldn't someone directing an organization so crucial to our national security be a little more informed about the duties he's going to step into? I guess I'm basing my decision on applying for past job openings. No matter how impressive your credentials, usually employers prefer you have some experience that ties into the job description. Maybe President Obama used the "Magic Eightball" to decide who to appoint to these positions. I'm not feeling very safe, knowing I'm one of the "right-wing extremists" the Department of Homeland Security warned about when issuing alerts about the Tea Party attendees. I've been a Democrat most of my life and I'm left-handed. So there!

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