Saturday, July 17, 2010

Illegal Immigration - spreading faster than H1N1

Yes...this is how some states deal with illegals coming into their territory.  Pay for signs to warn motorists, but don't do anything to eliminate the problem.

I borrowed the following post to share here from Wake Up America.  Hooray for the states who have stepped up and flexed their muscles.  Tennessee...are you listening?  Here, illegals get work through temp agencies who fail to do the background checks, but collect big bucks from the employers while the workers get cheated for fair wages and overtime.  Tennessee needs to overhaul their employment rules and regs.  They suck!

Posted: 17 Jul 2010 11:18 AM PDT
The latest state is Ohio to be added to a growing list of states that will be using Arizona's immigration law as a prototype in writing up their own laws to protect their states from the ever growing threat of illegal immigration.

Phoenix Examiner:

Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law is being discussed by Greater Cincinnati officials who want a similar law in Ohio.
Ohio is not alone in looking into anti-illegal immigration bills as they are among 12 to 17 states considering using the Arizona law as a prototype because they believe the federal government has failed to act in the past and it is now up to the states to protect themselves from being a haven for illegals coming across the Mexican border.
According to an article in The Sunday Enquirer on June 6, 2010, Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones and Republican State Rep. Courtney Combs of Ross Township traveled to Arizona to learn more about the anti-illegal immigration law, SB1070, and want to enact a similar bill giving police agencies similar power as that of federal agents to stop and detain suspected illegal immigrants.

These states will be watching the DOJ lawsuit against Arizona carefully as to what to include and what to avoid in creating their own laws on preventing illegal immigration and enforcing laws to address the illegal immigration problem.

Other states considering, proposing or discussing Arizona style immigration laws include but are not limited to;

Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska (Town) North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island (RI already enforces federal law and checks immigration status on people detained for any legal reason), Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

The list continues to grow.


Senators Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) and David Vitter (R-Louisiana), have introduced the DeMint-Vitter senate amendment that would block funding of the Obama administration lawsuit against the Arizona immigration law, via Phoenix Examiner.

In a press release posted on his senate web page DeMint stated:

“The federal government is rewarding illegal behavior and encouraging many more to enter our nation illegally when they refuse to enforce our laws. States along the border are facing kidnapings, drug trafficking, human trafficking and gang violence and they have a duty to keep their residents safe. Instead of suing states for doing his job, the President should get serious and stop holding border security hostage to pass amnesty and score points with his liberal base.”

Senator Vitter commented by saying: “The state of Arizona is simply taking responsibility for a problem that the federal government has neglected for years, but Washington’s only response is to oppose these new enforcement efforts and take them to court. The Obama administration should not use taxpayers’ money to pay for these lawsuits that the American people overwhelmingly oppose.”


Sue McK said...

Wisconsin won't join that list until we get rid of the ding-dong in the governor's office and many of his cronies. They'll spend money on art and a fast-speed rail between Milwaukee and Madison (they already HAVE a train), but not this. It drives me nuts! At least SOME states have a brain!

Anonymous said...

Sue, don't I know it. We need to vote all the Demonicrats out. Hell, we could replace them right now with gerbils the I'll bet no one would be able to tell the difference.

Sue McK said...

I actually think the gerbils would do a BETTER job and more people would vote for them.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!