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Joy Behar, Barack Obama, and the end of civilization

By Eric

I have done everything I can do to try and save civilization.

Maybe I will feel differently after a weekend of recharging my batteries, but I am prepared to throw in the towel. Maybe al-Qaeda should just win and let us become part of the Caliphate. I can convert from Judaism to Islam and pray toward Mecca five times a day.

I truly believed America was the beacon for the world, a global light of intellect meant to nourish the cranial cavity of eager learners from everywhere. We had the best university system in the world.

This was all before “The View” came on television.

It is over. The war against nonsense has been waged, and I lost. Nonsense has won.
First President Clinton was asked if he wore boxers or briefs. Instead of verbally making the girl who asked the question cry (I praise Newt Gingrich for condemning the stupidity of the question vociferously when it was asked of him. The left called him “mean,” but he was not asked that again.), he answered it and laughed.
Now this. Now President Barack Obama decides that Chris Wallace or the Ghost of Tim Russert are not his speed. He always acts like he is the smartest guy in the room, but this time he did not have to act.

When George W. Bush as Governor went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, a bitter David Letterman caustically remarked, “well there’s a real meeting of the minds.” Multiply that comment by 100 and we have the discussion between President Obama and Joy Behar.

Women get angry when I talk about repealing the 19th Amendment giving them the right to vote, but I can say with certainty that men do not make up the majority of the audience watching the dumbest program on tv since…well…ever (I heard “My Mother the Car” was bad but have not personally seen it). Women should be required to sign an oath saying they boycott this program before retaining suffrage.
(In the interest of gender equality, men caught watching the show should be excommunicated from the male gender and then denied suffrage.)
Even by liberal idiocy standards (an oxymoron) The View has wrecked what shred of desire I have to watch television outside of NFL Network and Fox News.
President Obama was asked about Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, and some ridiculous creature named Snookie.

(If he was being genuine when claiming not to know who or what Snookie is, I praise him for that. I apologize for knowing, and take an oath that I have never watched her show or a full episode of The View.)

We are in the middle of a War on Terror. The world is on fire. Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, and other global hot spots threaten to blow up the entire world forever.

I care about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie taking on the teachers’ unions. I don’t care about some brainless twit whose hobbies most likely include making snapping sounds with her bubble gum.

(Enough about Behar. I meant Snookie on that one.)

I admit to watching Desperate Housewives, but I would not discuss it with the President of the United States.

How the heck did Barbara Walters go from interviewing Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat to finding Paris Hilton fascinating?

(Bernie Goldberg brought up that point.)

Just because Joy Behag or Joy Bizarre or whatever her new nickname is decides to dumb down America does not mean the leader of the free world has to help her.
Doesn’t this man have any actual real work to do?

“Do you think Snookie should run for Mayor of Wasilla (Alaska?)”

How incredibly brilliant. A cheap shot at Sarah Palin’s intelligence, since that is all Behar has left. Behar claiming Sarah Palin is dumb is like the Klan claiming that Mother Theresa was insensitive.

This goes beyond politics. This goes to the very core of what type of people we want to be.

Do we want to be known as a nation of imbeciles? Do we want to be the stupidity capital of the world?

The left loves to paint every conservative as stupid (when not making them out to be evil), but I don’t remember President George W. Bush or Vice President Cheney being subjected to such idiocy.

Liberals who complain that conservatives in that administration violated the law indiscriminately are wrong. Joy Behar has never been waterboarded. In fact, if we dropped her in a Taliban cave she could talk them to death. If blaring rock music could bring down Noriega, one week of watching The View would get the most hardened terrorists to surrender.

(Liberals would be in a civil liberties bind since the program could be considered a form of torture.)

Some people will say that I should lighten up. I say these people should be beaten with baseball bats.

(I am not advocating violence. Besides, outside of my few liberal readers, I doubt violence is the approach of my audience. We don’t want to kill the left. We just want them to develop laryngitis.)

Unless Joy Behar can explain the Laffer Curve or supply side economics, she should be quiet and let the Wall Street Journal staff interview politicians. Every moment Joyless Bimbo is speaking is a moment the administration is not spending time with Dr. Walter Williams or Dr. Thomas Sowell.

I want to hear the president discuss how he plans to fix Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, not watch Joy Behar tell Whoppers while eating Big Macs.

(Doing “Joy Behar is fat and ugly” jokes are beneath the dignity of this blog, and used solely to illustrate her lack of talent in relying on “conservatives are dumb” jokes. Although in all fairness, she is overweight and hideous inside and out.)
Unless she can explain the intricacies of an oil rig and how to permanently stop explosions, the president should spend his time being interviewed by business consultants who work in the industry.

Unless she has connections to the National Security Council, the President should sit down with Colonel David Hunt, Colonel Ralph Peters, or Colonel Bill Cowan.
If a bunch of women want to spend time babbling about complete and utter nonsense in a dialect that is approximately 70% liberal gibberish and 30% apolitical idiocy, they can do so without the president.

The dignity of the office, assuming it still exists after this man, deserves better than this garbage.

Maybe I am overreacting. It’s not like we are locked in a life and death struggle for the very existence of liberty and freedom.

Oh wait a second…yes it is.

Every second spent flying to and from the studio, in addition to the minutes airing the show, was precious time that could have been spent on improving our national security.

Instead of focusing on Wikileaks, he was hanging out with icky freaks.

I will vote for any presidential candidate who has the courage to put a feedbag on Joy Behar.

After we win the War on Terror, we can remove it and let her speak her nonsense.
She can still do so without the president. When we are at war, the president should be doing hard news all the time. Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, or any program with Kathy Lee Gifford should never be on his radar.

Alan Colmes once asked, “Well what should we do, talk about the War on Terror 24/7?”

YES! That works for me, with interruptions for financial news.

(Even sports should be relegated to ESPN and NFL Network. I love sports, but it is not hard news.)

We used to have David Brinkley and Edward R. Murrow. Now we have Katie Couric and Joy Behar.

I hope I feel differently after the weekend, but on this day, civilization slipped away, thanks to a president who decided to overcompensate for his many inadequacies by spending time with the few people even more useless than he is.

I do have rebuttal for Eric.  Not all women watch The View.  As I said on your blog, The remind me of a bunch of screeching cats on a fence in the backyard. Makes me want to throw my shoe at them.  The number of finished sentences are easily counted on one hand.

But I don't watch the NFL channel either.  I have a big problem with men who scratch their balls in public and make more money in one season than the rest of us make in a lifetime just because people idolize them and the game. Thing about how much good could be done if every NFL and NBA player donated a couple million to charities or finding a cure for Cancer.  Don't know why I worry about it.  With Obama at our helm, we're all destined to die soon anyhow, either by nuclear weapons or denied healthcare for those over the age of 60.

And if you need further proof of the idiotic dialogue from The View, here's another post.

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Sue McK said...

Oh that ever spot on. I hate The View...never watch it, and never will. They're all has-beens/never-weres. And as for Elizabeth Hasselbeck...she sold out for 'the one' if you ask me...according to articles about The View. And for O to consider that MORE important than doing his job (or campaigning, which he's been doing all along), then shame on him. There are people hurting in America...from the Gulf to the unemployed...and he wants to talk to the losers on The View? Pathetic. That alone should have him impeached, in my mind. 'Personal business on company time.' If I ruled the world... ::sigh::

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!