Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Time For Change - November

Tea parties, this week, have been a huge success as people across the nation gather in an attempt to be heard. I watched a news clip on television, showing a well-educated black woman who lent her voice to others protesting tax hikes, healthcare reform and the multitude of other negative changes that have been foist upon those who don't agree with the policies of this administration and they way they are achieved.

Unfortunately, this hasn't only become a left and right issue, now it's become about race. If you don't like the policies, you must be a racist. Even black people who dare speak out are being labeled as "Uncle Toms." Let's throw everyone who doesn't agree under the bus.

Why can't people understand. Color is not an issue. When I think of the things I don't like about Mr. Obama, I never see black or white... I see right and wrong, and that's my opinion unless Congress acts again and denies me the right to have onet.

You may think that was a joke, but I fear for our liberties. News yesterday indicated that the National Library of Congress was going to start archiving Tweets. I doubt they will, but clearly, this is but another attempt by the government to flex their muscles and try to scare people into silence. I don't tweet much, but they are welcome to what I have to say. I own my feelings, I stand firm, and I truly believe the time has come for US, the citizens, to be the ones to instigate CHANGE. And this time, let's do it right.


Sue McK said...

I agree...and race has NOTHING to do with it at all. They use that for intimidation, and it worked, at first. Not any more, I hope!

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Come this summer, Amnesty will be the threat. If that happens, is it over? All those grateful people will be liberal and entitled. Can you say 55% tax increase?

What will that do to the midterms. You know ACORN is gearing up as we speak as is SEIU to real them in for elections. God help us all, that's why the dems weren't afraid to vote for the HCR.

WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!