Sunday, December 27, 2009

Makes My Blood Boil

This sticker is SO NOT TRUE.

Today I got an anti-health reform email which included this:

Go to: and donate every cent you can spare. We can take that 60th vote away from Reid and then health care will never pass. If we do not do this and send the Democrats a real message, we really are screwed. If you live in Massachusetts or even in New Hampshire near the border, volunteer to get the Republican vote out on January 19th.

Haven't we bled enough to fill these people's pockets. When did doing the job you were elected to do require that we donate every cent we can spare? Shouldn't people with good sense be able to see this whole reform bill is a crock and vote what's right?

A well-spoken businessman from Florida was on Fox new this morning. For thirty years, he's been providing top-of-the-line health care for his employees, including staffing his own medical clinic. He's paying $2500 per employee right now and feels it's the "right thing to do, since he can afford it." Under the Obama plan, he would be fined $750.00 per employee for NOT providing the health care, thus saving him EIGHT MILLION dollars to trash his plan and let people flounder. Great! Employees who currently pay more than $750 per employee would be motivated to stop. Right now, my benefits cost my previous employee $770, but after the first of the year, the plan has increased, and my $150 per month is doubling. I'm already being affected by the reform and it hasn't really passed yet.

AND...I have an important question. What is the definition of PROVIDE? Does it mean offer the option or pay for the full benefit?

In Tennessee, few companies offer any health care, and if they do, the employee-paid portion is so expensive, it becomes prohibitive. My husband, if he accepted enrollment, would virtually pay for benefits with little left over for household management. You can see why I ask. I'm sure the $750 fine would provide money to the government to help repay the trillion dollar debt, but how does it benefit Joe America? I suspect if you have health care now, and are happy with it. Since the fine is lower than the premium, more people are going to HAVE to accept Obamacare when their health care is snagged away from them. So much for the promise, you can keep you health care if you like it. Right!!!


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi ginger,
I don't live in America, so I am not in a position to comment really, not that that has ever stopped me before. Sounds so typical of governments, giving with one hand and taking it back with the other.

Sue McK said...

You're so right, Ginger. They're going to force us to do this, too, and it makes me ill. They're not trying to 'give', but are truly taking away everything from us that they can, ignoring the fact that it's against the constitution to do so. I write to my congressmen EVERY day, telling them to READ THE BILL AND VOTE NO...but they don't even read my letter. And I know they're stealing the votes, too, to get elected and force us to become a socialist country. It makes me ill and I know our founders are rolling over in their graves.

Katie Hines said...

Unfortunately the reason we find ourselves with this catastrophic health care reform plan is because people believed what Obama said when he was running for office.

Many democrats are now uneasy about the big spending platform of their own party, and if you believe the money raised is going to pay down the national debt, dream on.

My husband is unemployed. If we bought cobra coverage, it would take three out of four unemployment checks he gets.

The Cookie Blog said...

We have been tricked, lie to, and deceived. If this bill passes, we will get less and pay more.
We are as corrupt as a third world country, the only difference is that we are not in a jungle and our leaders are educated (?) and are lawyers.

夏天 said...


WARNING: I support the office of the President, not the person currently holding it!